We believe in helping our clients to make lifelong habits that will empower them to improve their lifestyle - Luigi


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Strength & Condition Plan

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Performance Nutrition Plan

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Weight Cutting + Rehydration

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Strength & Conditioning Plan

1 on 1 personal trainings: Train 1 on 1 with Luigi, personalized program made for each person.

Online training programs: A program tailored to your needs and goals, made specifically for each individual.

Athlete fight camp preparation: Trainings tailored around the individuals sport, to enhance their training camp and add to it.

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Performance Nutrition Plan

Meal plans suited for any individual wanting to improve their nutrition, lose or gain weight, bulk or cut.

Personalized fight camp nutrition plans: Plan tailored for athletes to gradually reach their weigh in weight over the duration of their fight camp.

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Weight Cutting + Rehydration

Weight cut specific to fight week, helping in the days leading up to the cut, and providing the weight cut day before weigh ins.

Rehydration: Personalized rehydration plan for each athlete based on the extent of their weight cut.

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Meal prep service in the Montreal area.

New menus released every Wednesday.

Delivery or pickup every Sunday.

Fill out our contact form if interested and we will get back to you with more details!

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The LTC Family

Hello, I'm Luigi Meli, a dedicated individual passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals. As a weight cut specialist for top MMA organizations like the UFC, and Samurai MMA, I've mastered the art of strength and conditioning, as well as nutrition. I hold certifications in The Dolce Diet, Lockhart & Leith, and have been fortunate to learn from esteemed mentors like Phil Daru and Christian Thibaudeau.

I'm a certified CrossFit Level 1 trainer. My expertise extends beyond working with elite athletes – I'm devoted to supporting individuals from all walks of life in their fitness journeys. This led me to establish LTC Cooks, my own meal prep company, ensuring that everyone has access to nutritious meals


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Shakeel Phinn

IBO Americas Champion

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Aiemann Zahabi

UFC Batamweight

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Jessica "The Cobra" Camara

#1 Ranked WBC

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Maxime Soucy

BFL Featherweight

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Artur Ziyatdinov

Professional Boxer

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Yohan "White Lion" Lainesse

UFC Welterweight